Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


On the way to Chinatown from Trafalgar Square I heard a violin sound but I couldn’t find the source. I kept looking and there it was. I saw an old man in his wheelchair, playing his violin. It was beautiful but kinda sad, the song. Most people were just passing him by quickly. A few were giving him a penny or two. And me, I just watched him from a far and walked pass him and take a picture of him took some money he earned that day, secretly, not even looking through the view finder, in a split of second.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I love traveling. Trains, buses, ferries, subways or even walk.


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A Little Trip to The Cemetery

Sewaktu berada di The Mall untuk belanja persediaan cemilan dan lain-lain, saya dan Mbak Icha melongok keluar jendela mall dan melihat ada bangunan bergaya eropa di dekat mall. Langsung saja kami turun dan keluar dari mall menuju bangunan tersebut. Ternyata bangunan tersebut adalah Gereja St. Mary. Saya agak terkejut melihat bagian depan gereja tersebut terhampar beberapa makam bergaya eropa dan ternyata makam tersebut sudah berusia lebih dari seratus tahun!

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