Thankful Thursday: Mom’s Birthday!


Before today ends, I’d like to dedicate this post for my Mom. Today is her birthday. Her 53rd. My Mom is my hero, my best friend and at times can be my big enemy. We hang out together a lot, just the two of us. Sometimes we do shopping together or just eat ice cream in a mall and just sit there and do people watching (and lots of people talking lol). We bicker a lot, we talk our heart out too. She is willing to take the bullets for her family. She sacrificed a lot through her life for her family. She hit rock bottom in her life, many times. But she is one hella strong woman I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn;t ask for a better mom because she is perfect for me. So now, in her birthday and everyday I wish her a long happy life ahead. I wish her to be healthy, always be healthy. I wish I can make her proud in the near future. I wish her to worry less. All and all I just wish her all the real happiness she can get in her life.

Happy birthday, Mama!



Di Jogja Juga Ada Holycow!

“Eh, di Jogja ada Holycow juga sekarang?”


Pesan teman yang masuk ke grup WhatsApp tersebut agak bikin geli-geli sebel. Teman saya itu dulu (sebut saja Sherly) sama-sama kuliah di Jogja dan sekarang dia sudah kembali ke kampung halamannya dan bekerja di sana, di Jakarta. Dulu waktu kuliah di Jogja dia agak prihatin dengan kurangnya variasi tempat gaul di Jogja. Sekarang dia takjub dengan kemajuan dunia perkulineran di Jogja yang sudah mulai berkembang ini. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Work of art [noun]:product that gives aesthetic pleasure and that can be judged separately from any utilitarian considerations.

Twilight: Work of art in the sky

Twilight: Work of art in the sky

It was really hot that day, the summer’s sun smile brightly accompanied by a clear blue sky. We decided to wait inside the mall until it’s quite cool outside. Around 5 pm we went out to a dock near the mall and sit down near the manmade beach. While we were talking it just strucked us when we realized there’s this really pretty painting in the sky. As if all the colours in the palette were brushed on the sky. All the beautiful colours. I could just gasp, breathless, jawdrop. Twilight.

It’s a work of art.

De Mata Trick Eye Museum: Museum 3D di Yogyakarta


Dalam perjalanan dari Surabaya menuju Jogja saya dan Annis terlibat percakapan mengenaitempat tujuan wisata barudi Jogja dan Annis berkata “Ini lho mbak De Mata Museum. Museum 3D gitu..” Saya pun menyahut,”Weh, kemaren aku juga googling dan nemunya itu..Yuk ke sana! Kapan ya tapi?” “Besok yuk Mbak!” Edan! Hari itu kami perjalanan menuju Jogja dan sampai Jogja tengah malam eh besoknya kami sudah mau main lagi. Yaudah mumpung ada waktu dan ada teman jadilah kami ke De Mata di hari selasa siang yang terik. [Warning: Image Heavy] Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring, 2006. Geumo, South Korea.

KRA 017

Talking about spring time, it always brings back my memory to 2006. That was the first time I went abroad. I had no idea what was South Korea about and really didn’t care about it. But it was that starstruck moment when the bus that brought us to this school arrived in the front gate. It’s cherryblossom trees along the front road of the school! The flower petals were falling from the trees and it felt like a soft snow although i’ve never felt a real snow. It’s so pretty beyond words.

KRA 028

It was a really memorable 2 weeks in my life. Everywhere we went just full of blossoming cherryblossom trees. And when we held farewell, the cherryblossoms were completely fell off of the trees as if saying good bye to us. But I felt so lucky because later did i know that cherryblossom flower has a really short life. I think it’s a fate that i went there just right when the flowers bloom, that makes South Korea has a soft spot in my heart now. Thank you for the beautiful Cherryblossoms, Spring!