{Review} The Hunger Games Movie

What if you are sent to a battlefield along with 23 other people, represent your Districts, and you only have the choice to win the game and alive or being a dead meat? Kill everyone before they kill you? Hide somewhere until the game ends somehow? Waiting to be killed? Make an alliance with the strong tributes? Or gain sponsors’ attention in any ways possible so they can help you by sending something important which can save your life and possibly help you win this game?

Director: Gary Ross

Writers: Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games book writer), Billy Ray

Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mistery & Suspense

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Of Macarons and Cupcakes at La Vie Michi

Saat awal-awal punya akun tumblr, saya selalu penasaran dengan yang namanya macaron. Bulat dan berwarna-warni, serta foto-foto yang editorial dan cantik. Sejak saat itu saya selalu mengagumi foto-foto macaron dan ingin mencoba sesekali. Tapi saat itu saya gak pernah menemukan yang namanya macaron di Jogja. Sebenernya di Jakarta ada sih yang jual macaron, tapi males aja kalo harus kirim-kirim segala. Repot..

Sampai beberapa hari yang lalu, Lia bilang kalo di jogja ada cafe yang namanya La Vie Michi, dan disitu jual macarons!!! YAY! Dan akhirnya kami berdua nyoba-nyoba ke sana dan mencoba macaron..

La Vie Michi

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