Thankful Thursday: Mom’s Birthday!


Before today ends, I’d like to dedicate this post for my Mom. Today is her birthday. Her 53rd. My Mom is my hero, my best friend and at times can be my big enemy. We hang out together a lot, just the two of us. Sometimes we do shopping together or just eat ice cream in a mall and just sit there and do people watching (and lots of people talking lol). We bicker a lot, we talk our heart out too. She is willing to take the bullets for her family. She sacrificed a lot through her life for her family. She hit rock bottom in her life, many times. But she is one hella strong woman I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn;t ask for a better mom because she is perfect for me. So now, in her birthday and everyday I wish her a long happy life ahead. I wish her to be healthy, always be healthy. I wish I can make her proud in the near future. I wish her to worry less. All and all I just wish her all the real happiness she can get in her life.

Happy birthday, Mama!