Kaleidoscope : 2013 In A Post

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while (lol okay, long long time) since I last write on this blog. I can even see some dust and spider webs here and there. And I can’t believe that it’s 2014 already! The year 2013 had been a fabulous year for me. Who said 13 is an unlucky number? It has always been a great number for me, and yeah 2013 was full of great things happened to me. Yes, there were so many ups and downs happened, but hey that’s life as we know it. And I sure learned a lot of things from it. I know this is a bit late, but here’s my 2013 kaleidoscope post (ps: a super long post ahead!):


January, 2013 – Started my final year in uni with a field trip to some industries such as Sido Muncul, Indofood, Coca Cola, Kalbe Farma, BPOM and Sanbe Farma and also became audience in Kick Andy and had lots of fun in Trans Studio Bandung. I promised myself to have my industrial internship next year in Kalbe Farma (and yes it happened this year!) and had epiphany to start my thesis on my way back to Yogyakarta.


February, 2013 – A friend of mine, Bam, is coming to Yogyakarta and stayed for a month. She is from Philippines and studied Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta for a year. She decided to go to Yogyakarta during her semester break. I also got to finally meet Arief, a medical student of UGM (aka tetangga sebelah). We went for a picnic in Rektorat UGM. Arief cooked pasta bolognaise and Bam cooked Adobo (PH food!!!) while I just brought my eating utensils lol. We were eating and talking and taking picture and talking during that afternoon. It was so random and people were looking at us strangely lol. Who cares? It was a suuuper fun day. Kinda feel bad because I couldn’t accompany Bam during her time in Yogyakarta and just met her twice because I was working on my thesis. But anyhow it was really great to finally meet her and Arief! (ugh now I’m so missing you both)


March, 2013 – I turned 23! Worked on my thesis from scraps and finally finished it. It was quite a story. I don’t know how I managed to finish it but one thing I know is when I set my mind on my goals it seems like universe is helping me to make it happen. Oh and I always repeat this mantra whenever I lost the hype to write, “After this, you will have loooots of time to have fun and traveling, now focus on this and finish it so you can hura-hura soon!”. It worked! And yeah, I still managed to make itineraries for my trips with my fellow thesis warrior, Denty, in between my thesis writing 😉


April, 2013 – After going through some bureaucracy, I finally did my Sidang Tertutup (Thesis Defense). I made it happen and survived the one-hour-presentation with the help of many people. And yes, just 1 hour with more chit-chat with the lecturers. I felt blessed and relieved. My Professor told me to present my thesis in International Conference held by UGM for my Sidang Terbuka (Seminar) so I don’t need to do Sidang Terbuka in my faculty. Challenge accepted! But it would be in June so I still had a long time to go. Till then, I travelled to places.


May, 2013 – Traveled to Malaysia and Singapore for 10 days with Denty. It was pretty crazy because Denty told me about ticket promo to KL from Solo and we just agreed to book it. Lol, not to mention we already planned another trip in August. So we took this route: Jogja – Solo – KL – Penang – Singapore – Melaka – KL – Solo – Jogja. Slept in hostels, traveled using buses and ferry, ate delicious foods, met new people and ended up traveling together, had problem in immigration, asked direction to a lady in English but she answered in a medhok Bahasa, and many more.


June, 2013 – I did my oral presentation in The 3rd International Conference on Pharmacy and Advanced Pharmaceutical Science. Had a black out during the question and answer session but it ended up well. I also went to 2 museums: Museum Soeharto in Sedayu, Bantul with Denty and Museum Affandi in Jalan Solo with Mazia.


July, 2013 – Went to Jakarta to apply Japan Visa for my trip in August. I stayed in Denty’s house in Jatinegara for a week, more or less. I got a very warm welcome and lots of helps from Denty’s family. They even took me to some places in Jakarta such as GI, Plangi, MTA, Mangga Dua and PRJ. I also visited my Philippines friend, Bam, and stayed in her kosan in Kalibata for 3 days (and even got to taste a hell that is Tanah Abang). Oh and our visas were granted! I, Lia, Yaya, and Sherly visited Laras who works in Solo. We spent a night in her kosan. It’s been awhile since we all meet together so we just ate together, hung out in mall and just talked. It was time well spent!


August, 2013 – Finally it’s the long awaited month for me and Denty. We finally headed to Japan! On the second day of Lebaran we departed to Jakarta, managed to visit Denty’s families and relatives in Jakarta and Bekasi too before we departed to Japan. And finally we landed in Haneda and spent 18 days around Japan. The route we took is Tokyo – Hiroshima – Kyoto – Osaka – Tokyo. As usual we stayed in hostels; traveled by buses, trains, ferry; met new people but didn’t even know their names; met Indonesian student in a flea market; met old friend; had to drag heavy luggage through subway’s stairs; cramped in a crowded train; and many more. I thought 18 days was more than enough but I was wrong. Big time. I want to go there again in the future!


September, 2013 – Started my year for my apothecary degree. I used to wear jeans to classes but not anymore. In this class I had to wear formal clothes, like the clothes you wear to office or something like that. I don’t know why but I’m so excited to learn things that will prepare me to be a good Pharmacist. Plus, I will have a semester of internship in pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy and community health service (Puskesmas). I had a farewell party for on of my bestfriends, Lia. With Yaya, three of us went to Sunmor (Sunday Morning Market) in UGM. We just ate all the time and took pictures here and there.


October, 2013 – Nothing much happened this month. I just went to classes. Something routine. Oh, and there is this laboratory practice: Compounding and Dispensing where we had to compund dosage forms based on patient’s recipe, did screening and also counseling to the patient. I’m not really good at this to be very honest, but it’s actually fun tho. Adrenaline rush!


November, 2013 – Graduation!! It’s the month where I’m officially graduated. My mom did my make up and hair do (which both of us experimented actually lol). I didn’t really prepared things for my graduation actually. We just went straight to photo booth around GSP and took selfies lol and just went to eat something and went home. Our family is that simple. Me and my friends took pictures of us in our graduation attiree too. It was sooo fun and turned out so pretty 😀


December, 2013 – It’s the end of the year! Me and Mazia went to an art exhibition, Biennale Jogja. We just went here and there to those exhibition places and took lots of pictures there. This month I was also busy with comprehensive discussions, social service (free health checking in Taman Pintar), job training, etc. Spent my year end at home, waiting for the fireworks party in front of my house with my cousins.

Looking back, I’m grateful for 2013. If you asked me to summarize my 2013, I’ll say 2013 is the year of traveling, challenges, opportunities, hopes, and meeting people. I’m sure 2014 will have something in store for us all we need to do is be prepared and take those chances! Happy belated New Year all. Cheers!



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