#BeliOriginal: How Do I Begin to Explain Why I Buy Original DVDs?


How do I even begin to explain why I buy original DVDs?

  • Original DVDs are flawless
  • They have perfect subtitles, HD quality, great sound, and most of the times they give you special features for freeeeeeeee!
  • I heard if we buy original DVDs, the producers will get more money so they can produce another quality movies
  • I think in 20 years, Original DVD might be an antique collection worth lots of money!
  • One time i saw a pirated movie DVD with SNSD Seohyun in the DVD cover, she’s not even in the movie
  • One time I watched a pirated DVD, there’s shadow of someone walking in front of me! Spooky!
  • The other time Ve Handojo do the #BeliOriginal movement, and raise awareness to buy original DVD through a writing competition with original DVDs as the prize…IT’S AWESOME!

So, are you still buying pirated DVD? Pfft, you must be new!



6 thoughts on “#BeliOriginal: How Do I Begin to Explain Why I Buy Original DVDs?

  1. Already aware of it since years ago when I was still in college, that we should stop buy pirated things including dvd, vcd, and music album. But but.. I can only afford to buy original vcd. Original dvd is still expensive according to my wallet 😉

  2. honestly I only buy original CD or DVD from my favorite musician or band
    for other band, yeah I download them from Internet. the problem is I can’t control myself to be the first who watch the movie that only can watch in cinema without waiting for a week to go to city. especially for people like me who live in remote area. Curiosity is big deal. 😀

    • i know right? who can resist the temptation to illegally download those movies, mp3, etc?
      even downloading is just too much an effort! i’ll just copy them!

      but then again, if we dont bother appreciate their works/arts why would they bother produce quality works for us to enjoy!

      whoaa, you bought those original CD/DVD IS a big deal! 🙂

      thanks for dropping by ^^

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