GIF part 1: SEOUL Ad Music Video

Well, I totally forgot that today is Valentine Day (or whatever). And, it’s not really important anyway, kekeke~

Anyway, if you see the gif above, i’ve posted that before in Hello, February post. What is that? Let me tell you, that is the cut from this video. Actually the video is an advertisement of Seoul City, but i love the mv’s story. And I think the story suits this day. So, I’ll spam the gifs of this MV (I’m crazy over making gifs now, lol).

1st story line (Chasing You)

4th Story Line (The Police and The Teacher)
5th Story Line (The Painter and The Clown)

Awww, this MV is so cute. I can’t get enough :). For me, it’s a smart way to promote Seoul City around the world. While you get into the storylines, the beautiful and interesting background places amaze you at the same time ❤
Ahh, bring me to Seoul now, please? (lol, so random:D)
PS: I made these gifs, please do credit me if you take these out 🙂

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