Day 6: Post a picture of you with your family

ummm L-R: my only sister, the happily-ever-after-turns-bestest-friends couple mom and dad, and the housekeeper err i mean me 😀

i guess this was taken years ago, I was still young (lol). We rarely take family pictures, simply because my mom doesn’t really like to take picture. lmao, makes me wonder, why am i such a photo-whore?? ^^


15 Days of Random Challenge

Day 7: Complete the sentence: “I am…”

Day 8: What did you eat today?

Day 9: What did you wear today? (post a picture)

Day 10: What place do you want to visit?

Day 11: what do u wanna do in the future

Day 12: Post a recent picture of yourself.

Day 13: Best Book and movie u ever read and watch

Day 14: Tell something funny and random.

Day 15: A song that express your mood at the moment.


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