Author’s note: this is not important at all. unless you really have nothing to do, it’s really ok to skip this one :))

I’m the type of that lazy girl. Keep on delaying anything until the very last minute, that’s why I call my self “Queen of Last Minute”. On anything. Well, so far, I’m lucky enough. Nothing has troubled me, because of the delays. But, until when I can keep on delaying things??

Same thing goes on this blog. The time I decided to have a blog after so long time lurking on others (people called it ‘blog-walking’, jsyk ;)), I had an idea to share anything i have while practicing my writing skill (despite the fact that i envy the people who can write really well with their blogs). So by having this blog. i pushed my self to keep on writing, to flash back about anything in my life tho it’s not that important anyway. Of course the first time it was really nice and fun to write here. Just like first day of school, with the new books, and still hyped up with that oh-this-year-will-be-fun spirit. 

By the time goes by, there were always excuses to delay the entry.  It still a fun thing and refreshing when I’m blogging here, really. Also it’s so fun watch the hits, and see the comments. And the ideas for new posts are here and there, flying inside my brain. But again, it’s my lazziness rule 😦

Well, what am I talking about? hahaha, sorry for the rants ^^ I come to write this with some so-called-solution for my own rant. I will have this ‘one thing each week’:

1. book-a-week: will post my book review, everyday. The book is based on my choice, whether i have read it or my  most wanted books review.

2. photos in a post: will post a photoset in one post. any photo, whether i took it my self, or from tumblr/flickr which being my inspiration lately.

3. randomness attack: any random post from me is forgiven :))

well, that will be my weekly entries start from next Monday. Of course my (another) delayed post about GX will keep on going, and same thing goes the same for any info about scholarship or competition.

Hopefully, i can fight this laziness and keep on writing ^^


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