Photo Session:Sleepover Secret, Picnic Time

Actually, this post should be posted long time ago, but i lost the folder ^^” but i found it!! now im gonna share it to you guys (which i supposed to write about my days in GX ^^”)

These photos were taken when i was not around for some weeks, never go out with my friends. They said they missed me and wanna have slumber party in Yaya’s grandparents house, so i agreed it. Actually i was involved in SALAM Earth Day Project at that time, and the Slumber Party took a day near the D-Day, i worked hard so i could fullfil my promise, then i made it 🙂

When we arrived there, there were a lot of problems. Start from the water pump, electricity, and loads of things.. seems like the day didn’t give permission for us to have fun. But we never give up!! Yaya’s Dad came and help us with everything. After everything was set, we started to do the make up thingy. Sherly did the make up for us all. Then we start the 1st session.

Since I dont have any real skill in photography arena, i just depend on the sunshine, moments, and luck! haha, that simple for us to had lotsa fun rite?

1st Session (The Evening Tea Party)

The idea came because we saw Yaya’s grandma teasets. We made and set everything by our own. We made the hairbands, set the properties, and POSE!

In the evening, we went out for dinner. We ate Mi Jawa at that time. Sherly never ate that before, and she said it was pretty nice. After that, we felt it’s too early to go back, then we just drove drove drove to the south and stop in a Circle K shop. We bought some things and brought it back to the house. We spent the nite with talking and we do have secret that time. lol, that’s why i called it sleep over secret :))

2nd Session, Girls Day Picnic

We woke up early in the morning, bout 5 am, and queu for the bathroom. Girls! We chasing the sunrise this morning. We went to the rice fields then back to the house and set for picnic 🙂 psst, there was another additional member: Mr. Teddy Bear 😀

We had fun that 2 days, we saw the pictures during that day and laughed a lot :)) In the afternoon, i had to back to work to SALAM and they wanted to grab some lunch in Jejamuran. Thank you for that day, we should do another photo sessopn, dears 😉



2 thoughts on “Photo Session:Sleepover Secret, Picnic Time

  1. aaaa. . iseng baca blog mu, ternyata banyak foto ku dipajang disini toh? huahaaa. . parah2

    “stop in a Circle K shop. We bought some things and brought it back to the house”
    *wwhoooppss .

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