Global XChange [0]: Introduction

Hello everybody!

I’m Tika, and I’m one of the Global XChange 101 volunteers. A lot of people ask me, ‘What is Global XChange?’ ‘What are you doing in Global XChange?’ etc. Well, I’ll try to write about Global XChange here. I’m gonna write all about Global XChange 101, the team, and all the activities we do. So, let’s start now ^^

What Is Global XChange?

The Global Xchange (GX) programme is an international volunteers exchange programme which provides a unique opportunity for young people from different countries and cultures to collaborate, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution to local communities. For 6 months volunteers from Indonesia are paired up with a young person from the UK and get the chance to live and work in Britain and Indonesia.

Since 2003 over 70 Indonesian volunteers have gained valuable skills and enriched their perspective of the world through the 1st-hand experience of living in a UK and Indonesia communities. Both UK and Indonesian participants are recruited and paired-up in order to reflect the diversity in terms of geography, ethnicity, ability, education and gender.

In 2010 the Global Xchange programme (GX101) will take place in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Luton (UK). Once selected, each volunteer will be placed for five weeks in each city and not three months as in previous years. As a reciprocal programme, Yogyakarta will be the first host city in June with Luton completing the UK phase of the exchange in August 2010. To help facilitate the programme set-up and operation we will work in partnership with the Center for Security of Peace Study, University of Gadjah Mada.

What Are You Doing in GX?

This programme is a voluntary programme for young people aged 18-25 years old who come from different background without any exception. Unlike the previous years,Global Xchange 2010 specialized the recruitment only for Yogyakarta young people. And the theme for this years GX is Access to Education and Unemployment. Later on we will be placed on several communities and NGOs in both cities and worked there, volunteering. We also will have some other activities like:

1. Community Action Day, CAD provide us, the volunteers and the community, to come together and participate in and in some cases organise larger-scale community projects where many pairs of hands are needed.

2. Global Citizenship Day, all volunteers will meet up as a team once a week for GCD. We will held a discussion about Global Issue facilitated by different volunteer pair every week. We will discussing about Global issues and learning together about specific issues.

How’s The Selection?

Soooo, the selection arrangement was like this. We applied to this programme via email after downloading the application forms. The forms contain various question about who we are, what our achievment so far are, and why we’d join this programme. We also had to write an essay about what we know and what we thinking about the theme, ‘Access to Education and Unemployment’.

Then, the 20 shortlisted candidates were selected from 400 application, and we’re announced via phone. And here’s the list of the candidates:

1. Annisa Nurul Ilmi

2. Tri Rahmayanti

3. Longina Narastika (That’s me ^^)

4. Albertus Adi Priyatama

5. Dhika Maysara Fitriani

6. Mazia Rizqi Izzatika

7. Gde Threesna Arief Metera

8. Luhki Hermawanayogi

9. Drajad Sarwo Seto

10. Sarsongko Wachyutomo

11. Septyanto Galan Prakoso

12. Qadri Nur Rahman

13. Isabella Yunita

14. Hambar Riyadi

15. Denis Setyo Ningrum

16. Khoirul Anam

17. Denty Piawai Nastitie

18. Faishol Ghoni

19. Ravando

20. Mira Asriningtyas

Assessment Day was held for 3 days in Wisma MM UGM. The first day, we’re introducing ourselves, doing some games, and a lot of discussions. We’re being assessed from the discussions, games, and our oppinions in discussion. The second day till the third day was the interview session. We’re being asked why would we join this programme, our commitment, our espectations, etc. And the third day they announced the final result.

So, 10 volunteers finally were selected. And we will go through this programme with our Programme Supervisor, Hesti Maharini. And here’s the team:

L-R: Tika, Ichol, Denis,Mazia, Hambar (behind Mazia), Nisa, Icha, Vando (Behind Icha), Denty, and Yogi

The selected Candidates are:

1. Faishal Ghanee (Ichol)

2. Hambar Riyadi (Hambar)

3. Ravando (Vando)

4. Isabella Yunita (Icha)

5. Annisa Nurul Ilmi (Nisa)

6. Luhki Herwanayogi (Yogi)

7. Denis Setyo Ningrum (Denis)

8. Mazia Rizki Izzatika (Mazia)

9. Longina Narastika (Tika)

10. Denty Piawai Nastitie (Denty)

On the next post i will specially write a post about us 😀

How much do you pay to join this programme?

Fortunatelly, I dont have to pay anything (except for the passport). British Council will cover our cost during the programme include: foods, transportations, accomodations, allowance, insurance, visa, etc.

When is the programme start?

Hahaha, seriously, this question is like everybody’s favourite question. When they know that i joined this programme (which i dont know how they know this), they start to ask me when is the programme start, when i go to UK, how long will it be, etc. Actually this programme is planned to start on April, but because of several things, this and that things, this programme delayed. And people start asking me, why am I still around, and when will i go to UK.. Hahaha.. And finally it will be start on June 18, which is on days countdown from now!!!

Oh, I’m so excited right now!! I gotta prepare everything for the Pre-Programme Course and In Country Orientation. And I hope with my post about Global Xchange, you could know more about this programme and what we doing. Please leave comments here, whoever you are, wherever you come from, say something, so that we can know how many people recognize our programme here, in Jogja. Thank You. What do you think about this programme? We’d glad to know ^^

Have a good day ^^


PS: Yes, I know, my english is a big FAIL. LOLs. Anyway, i hope you understand what am I talking about ^^


3 thoughts on “Global XChange [0]: Introduction

  1. oke oke oke… inggeris nya bagus kok ticee (saya gak gitu ngarti tense jg) wkwkkwkw.., ya mudeng2 lah…

    oleh2 nya dari luton jgn gantungan kunci ya tik. bawa bule 1 gitu. hewhewhew..

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